Chris Gomez

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they think: “My opinion is of value”. We started this show because now is NOT that time. I just want to have fun and make people laugh (and maybe think). I grew up watching more television than was probably healthy, and now have a wealth of useless knowledge I desire to share. I love soaking up pop culture and trivia like a sponge. It’s been said that 10,000 hours practicing anything will make you an expert in that pursuit. I have done that with media knowledge. Which is why I also know that science has debunked that saying as false, and so my whole point is its own paradox. I could not ask for a better partner than my amazing wife, Jenn. She is every part my equal. When the term “better half” was created, it was meant for us. The amount of conversations we have had on the most nerdiest, fan frenzied, and sometimes esoteric topics would boggle your mind. Trust me. I can legitimately say that I have at least heard of most anything you can bring up that has happened in entertainment in the last 50 years. Our show is meant to convey our love for entertainment, while also pointing out how busy we are. I have a full-time job in television, a part-time job in radio, serve on TWO different board of directors for local organizations, and participate in community theater (be it acting, directing, or production.) Have a question or a comment for me? Feel free to ask or tell me. You’ll find my contact info on the Contact Us page.


Jenn Gomez


I was born on a dark and stormy night… actually, that’s not true. I was born on a mild day in June. The same day E.T. was released in theaters. There you go, if I’m ever a category on Jeopardy you have that bit of knowledge. I also share a birthday with football great Joe Montana and Joshua Jackson, but enough about birthday trivia. As an only child growing up, I watched a lot of TV. A. Lot. Of. T.V. It was babysitter and best friend. I have always been fascinated with fictional worlds and the places they can take you. From TV shows (I always wanted Clarissa’s bedroom) to movies (I want to be sucked into a book like Bastian) to books (STILL waiting for my letter to Hogwarts) I ferociously absorbed everything I could. And I am so excited that it has finally all paid off with this show. I was incredibly lucky to marry someone with a pop culture obsession that rivaled my own. We have had so much fun discussing a wide variety of topics on our endless road trips between Redding, CA and San Francisco and are elated to be able to share these thoughts with the world. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our dissection of the entertainment world. Don’t agree with a point we made? Let us know on the contact page. Open, and respectful, discourse is always encouraged!