Blade Runner and Book to Movie Adaptations – Episode 2

Getting ready to see Blade Runner 2049, we watched the original. We also talk about when stories go from the page to the screen.

Links to what we talked about:

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Ready Player One (Film)

Ready Player One (Novel)

Gone Girl (Film)

Gone Girl (Novel)

The Time Machine (1960 Film)

The Time Machine (2002 Film)

The Time Machine (Novel)

Jurassic Park (Film)

Jurassic Park (Novel)

The Princess Bride (Film)

The Princess Bride (Novel)

The Da Vinci Code (Film)

The Da Vinci Code (Novel)

Angels & Demons (Film)

Angels & Demons (Novel)

The Shining (Film)

The Shining (Novel)

My Sister’s Keeper (Film)

My Sister’s Keeper (Novel)

Watchmen (Film)

Watchmen (Graphic Novel)