Is there a rule against talking about anything new on your show? If so, is there cut-off point for how old something has to be to be discussed?

Not at all. We want our show to flow and feel very organic. In fact, the reason we bring up a lot of topics is because new things trigger the topic. Example: Sequels to movies we have not watched, or new seasons of TV series we haven’t watched will be releasing soon, and we will watch the first incarnation to be sure we’re caught up on that topic before the sequel/season is released.
So we could very well start talking about something VERY new at any time during our show.

Most podcasts are more casual or “real”. They use profane language, go longer than an hour, etc. Why is your podcast kind of “White Bread”?

Our show is not just a podcast. It’s also an actual radio show. Our show currently broadcasts every Tuesday evening from 6-7PM in Redding California on KCNR 1460AM. (A rather conservative station we might add.) We have to keep within FCC rules and standards.
We then take the show, trim out the on-the-air commercials and most station identifiers, and upload it here to our site as one MP3 audio file. Fit for a more smooth and enjoyable listening experience.
HOWEVER… the good news is that we have this website. So we will absolutely be creating web-only shows and content full of all the profanity we love to use as descriptors, and no time limits.
In other words… we’re done when we FUCKING say we’re done!

Do you plan to sell merchandise?

Of what? Like t-shirts, hats, and mugs? No.
…well, maybe…
…not yet.
Should we? Wait, did we just answer your question with a question?
Tell you what, we’ll say no for now.
And if you want to make fan items, we’re not going to sick our lawyers out after you.


Can I get a signed photo?

Why? What are planning to do with it? …I don’t know if I trust you, “buddy”.

The chick host on this show sounds hot and smart. I’m wondering how the dude host who sounds lame landed her?

Rude. -Chris

Can I be a guest?

What have you done for me lately? – Janet Jackson
Seriously though, you can, if you know what you’re talking about, and can behave yourself.
The FCC stuff we mentioned earlier.


Is your show live when it’s on the radio? Can I call in, or message you in some way, to give me a shout-out?

No, we record the show ahead of time.
However, you can message us at any time, and we might mention you in a future recording.